100 WC Week#31

Cinderella lived happily with her father stepmother and two sisters. One day she woke up and felt very, very hungry she went to the kitchen just when she want to open the fridge she saw that was locked with a big padlock. She went to the garden to see her stepmother to ask for what is that big padlock for. But she didn’t want to tell her. So the Cinderella died of hunger.

100wc week#30

I was practising for weeks. The time has come. The hall was full, everyone was excited. When girl came up to us and told us that I am after the boy with the drum. I said to me self: “It is time to stand in front of everyone, and dance as well as you can”. Just when I started dancing lion walked across the stage. Everyone started laughing, I got confused. I continued dancing but this time with the lion. When we finished I felt weird. I couldn’t stop thinking about how I danced with the lion…

100 WC Week#25

I was lying on the couch and yelling for my mother. My mum did not respond. Then I got up to see where she is. When I opened bathroom’s door, I saw my mum trying to stop the water from the pipe. I tried to help her, but it was too late.  In a few seconds I thought we were swimming in the middle of the ocean. We were scared; we couldn’t see our house any more. We swam deeper. Suddenly, water turned in a dirty, green swamp. We got out of the swamp. My mother saw a horse. We followed him and ended up in a beautiful place, everything was fine. All people were smiling, they all were doing same thing. Then one person whispered to us: “Look carefully, don’t fall into the trap”. Then he continued doing the same as the others…

100 WC Week#24

That day my brother and I flew to England… Everything was right until I looked out the window…

It was night, we have been flying for four hours. I woke up, my brother was listening to music with headphones. It was cold, the plane window was blurred. With a sleeve of my sweater I wiped the window, then when I looked out of the plane window. I could’t see anything, so I told my brother: “I think we are falling”. Just after that I turned to my brother’s seat and there was no one. I looked behind and then in front of me and there was nobody in the plane at all.

100 WC Week#23

Mother told me the story that happend in Serbia. “On the 24th of March 1999 Americans bombed our cuntry. One morning, I heard people screaming and strange sounds I quickly looked down through the window and saw the whole city burning, people were running around for their lives, all I could hear was crying and screaming. The hell lasted until the 1st of june the same year. Our city was ruined. After completion of these horrible days I looked throught the window again. People were screming for their land, but the hardest thing was to watch orphans who were sitting on a black couch that remained of the burned stuff from the Parliament.

Letter of application

I think I could be a good Art Leader, because I’m organized. I’m a good at working with kids and I’m good at photographing.

Firstly, I think I’m organized, because I can organize my homework every week and I never leave a thing for the last second. Also, I’m using my diary all the time.

Next, I’m good at photographing. When I have some free time, I take interesting photos. Sometimes, I use “Photoshop” to correct and improve the look of those photos.

Finally, I believe that I have a great relationship with children, because I have a few cousins who are the same age as me or younger and we are going very well together. Likewise, I was a ‘buddy’ last year and I think that I’m pretty good at it.

I believe this shows that I can be a great Art Leader, because I’m a good at working with kids, I’m organized and I am a great photographer.

By Verica

100 WC Week#22

Me: “Mum, it lied to me”,I said”. She strangely looked me in the eyes and asked:”who lied to you honey”?. “The candy I found on the street, it had a very sour taste, it felt as if I was eating death”, I responded. It lied to me mum! The candy was very bitter and sour, but it said ‘sweet’ on the wrapper”. That night I died from food poisoning. I guess that I was eating death after all.

Now I’m here. Why are you laughing St. Peter?

St. Peter: You were a very dumb kid, Joshua… and death doesn’t have a taste. Just go to hell already.

S.R.C letter

Hello, My name is Verica. I think I can be S.R.C rep because I’m organized, I’m a good thinker and I listen to young people.

Firstly, I have niece I spent lot time with her I look after her and I play with her. I believe this shows I have good communication with young people.

Next, I am organized. I used to go to two schools. I had to organize my homework, time playing with piano and other things I think this shows I’m organized.

Finally, I think I’m a good thinker because, once i when I did test the teacher walked around the class and when she came to my table she told me”You are a good thinker”.

So I think I’ll be a good S.R.C rep because I’m organized, a good thinker and communicate well with young people.

Thank you.


100 WC Week#20

Once, I woke up in a grey room, I felt miserable. There was a small table in the middle of the room and on the table a small sandwich. Right next to the sandwich there was a letter. The letter said “If you want to feel better, eat it”.Then in the room came a hyena, she walked up to me and whispered:”eat”. I was confused.”Eat”, she whispered again… and again and again, until the only thing I could hear was her soft, yet terrifying scream. People say that you can always climb to the top, that’s just a beautiful lie.





Hello world!

Hello my name is Verica. In this blog I will be demonstrating the work that I do at school, I will also be doing some of my homework such as my Maths Mate on my blog.

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