100 WC Week#24

That day my brother and I flew to England… Everything was right until I looked out the window…

It was night, we have been flying for four hours. I woke up, my brother was listening to music with headphones. It was cold, the plane window was blurred. With a sleeve of my sweater I wiped the window, then when I looked out of the plane window. I could’t see anything, so I told my brother: “I think we are falling”. Just after that I turned to my brother’s seat and there was no one. I looked behind and then in front of me and there was nobody in the plane at all.

Letter of application

I think I could be a good Art Leader, because I’m organized. I’m a good at working with kids and I’m good at photographing.

Firstly, I think I’m organized, because I can organize my homework every week and I never leave a thing for the last second. Also, I’m using my diary all the time.

Next, I’m good at photographing. When I have some free time, I take interesting photos. Sometimes, I use “Photoshop” to correct and improve the look of those photos.

Finally, I believe that I have a great relationship with children, because I have a few cousins who are the same age as me or younger and we are going very well together. Likewise, I was a ‘buddy’ last year and I think that I’m pretty good at it.

I believe this shows that I can be a great Art Leader, because I’m a good at working with kids, I’m organized and I am a great photographer.

By Verica

100 WC Week#22

Me: “Mum, it lied to me”,I said”. She strangely looked me in the eyes and asked:”who lied to you honey”?. “The candy I found on the street, it had a very sour taste, it felt as if I was eating death”, I responded. It lied to me mum! The candy was very bitter and sour, but it said ‘sweet’ on the wrapper”. That night I died from food poisoning. I guess that I was eating death after all.

Now I’m here. Why are you laughing St. Peter?

St. Peter: You were a very dumb kid, Joshua… and death doesn’t have a taste. Just go to hell already.

S.R.C letter

Hello, My name is Verica. I think I can be S.R.C rep because I’m organized, I’m a good thinker and I listen to young people.

Firstly, I have niece I spent lot time with her I look after her and I play with her. I believe this shows I have good communication with young people.

Next, I am organized. I used to go to two schools. I had to organize my homework, time playing with piano and other things I think this shows I’m organized.

Finally, I think I’m a good thinker because, once i when I did test the teacher walked around the class and when she came to my table she told me”You are a good thinker”.

So I think I’ll be a good S.R.C rep because I’m organized, a good thinker and communicate well with young people.

Thank you.