About Me

Hello! My name is Verica and I am an eleven year old girl with brown hair and brown eyes. I live with both my parents and I have a brother, Luka, and a sister, Ruzica. I came to Australia about a year ago and have learnt a lot about the english language. I have lived in Serbia for about ten years. I love to play the piano and read books like Lucy in the Leap Year. I also like to draw and sleep.

I enjoy decorating and making cards (birthday cards, see you soon cards, etc.) for special events or occaisons.

I have travelled a lot around Serbia and have enjoyed it a lot. I hope I can go back to visit my country next year, although I do like Serbia. All my cousins, my sister (Ruzica), her daughter, my grandparents and most of my relatives live there.

My favourite subject is Maths because I am very good it, so I enjoy being at my best level.

I hope you enjoy reading my blog. Please feel free to comment.

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