6 Room Poem Process

Today we did a process to write poem in 6 steps write about colours how does it look. Our goal was “I understand and experiment with some devices and imagery in poetry”.

Room 1 -IMAGE PHOTOGRAPH -Think of something that is amazing or  interesting to you.

Room 2 – LIGHT- Look at the same image but write about the colours how does it ? – light, dark , hazy, shiny.

Room 3 – SOUND – What can you here ? Voices ? Silence ? Movement ? Lonely ? Peaceful ?

Room 4 – Do you have any questions about your image ? What do you want to know more about ? What do you wonder about ?

Room 5 – What are you feelings ?

Room 6 – Look over your previous rooms and ideas and choose a word and repeat it  3 times.

After  we wrote a poem, her is mine

You are faraway, from me.

And now I can’t see .

Why so far away ?

come back, one day.

The only thing that is close are the waves.

And the only place to hide are the caves.

Why so far away ?

Come back, one day.

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