Buddies picnic

Today on the 9th of December 2015 all grade five and sixes with their buddies went on a excursion to Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria. Before we started exploring Botanic Gardens we got a booklet that we had filled during the day.

First we visited the lake. With our buddies we sat near the lake and start filling our sheets. My buddy wrote We could see ducks, trees, plants, a boat and lake. We could hear ducks, birds, water and trees that wind was hitting. We could smell water, grass and different plants. We could feel wind and rough grass. We had also count different animals we could see beside and in the lake. Then we had recess at the lake.

Next we went to the herb garden. In the herb garden we did same things as at the lake. My buddy wrote that first he saw were plants big trees and a lady bug. We could here different voices, we could smell tansy, apple mint, lavender and many other plants. We could feel Mexican bush sage that is a soft, smooth flower.

Then we visited the fern gully we could see many different plants, big tress and a water spring. We could here water and birds on the top of the tall tress. We could smell plants and we could fell water that was coming from the water sprinkler. After we had lunch,we played games with our buddies.






6 Room Poem Process

Today we did a process to write poem in 6 steps write about colours how does it look. Our goal was “I understand and experiment with some devices and imagery in poetry”.

Room 1 -IMAGE PHOTOGRAPH -Think of something that is amazing or  interesting to you.

Room 2 – LIGHT- Look at the same image but write about the colours how does it ? – light, dark , hazy, shiny.

Room 3 – SOUND – What can you here ? Voices ? Silence ? Movement ? Lonely ? Peaceful ?

Room 4 – Do you have any questions about your image ? What do you want to know more about ? What do you wonder about ?

Room 5 – What are you feelings ?

Room 6 – Look over your previous rooms and ideas and choose a word and repeat it  3 times.

After  we wrote a poem, her is mine

You are faraway, from me.

And now I can’t see .

Why so far away ?

come back, one day.

The only thing that is close are the waves.

And the only place to hide are the caves.

Why so far away ?

Come back, one day.

100 WC Week#7

I opened my eyes, I was in a small, dark room. I couldn’t remember how I got there. I wasn’t alone there was someone else. At the back of the room was a girl with a long blond hair. She was shaking. I approached closer but I was scared. She had a black scarf over her mouth and eyes. I removed it. She Looked me in the eyes, she just couldn’t stop crying. I guess because she was too scared. We sat on the floor just thinking how we got there. In few minutes  the door opened and the only thing we saw was brightness…

100wc Week#8

Yesterday our class had an excursion in the zoo for the whole day. Teacher put us in pairs, I was with Joe. Teacher gave us a sheet with questions on it.We don’t really like each others so we didn’t talk a lot.  For a second I turned my back to Joe to see the answer  of one of the questions. When I turned around Joe wasn’t there. I started yelling his name Joe, Joe! But no one responded. I opened the gate at the back of the zoo. I saw Joe sitting on the grass staring at the sculpture.