100 WC Week#24

That day my brother and I flew to England… Everything was right until I looked out the window…

It was night, we have been flying for four hours. I woke up, my brother was listening to music with headphones. It was cold, the plane window was blurred. With a sleeve of my sweater I wiped the window, then when I looked out of the plane window. I could’t see anything, so I told my brother: “I think we are falling”. Just after that I turned to my brother’s seat and there was no one. I looked behind and then in front of me and there was nobody in the plane at all.

100 WC Week#23

Mother told me the story that happend in Serbia. “On the 24th of March 1999 Americans bombed our cuntry. One morning, I heard people screaming and strange sounds I quickly looked down through the window and saw the whole city burning, people were running around for their lives, all I could hear was crying and screaming. The hell lasted until the 1st of june the same year. Our city was ruined. After completion of these horrible days I looked throught the window again. People were screming for their land, but the hardest thing was to watch orphans who were sitting on a black couch that remained of the burned stuff from the Parliament.